Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michael jackson T-shirt: the Cheapest one of the week

The cheapest Michael jackson Tribute T-shirt of the week

You want to buy a Michael jackson tribute Tee-shirt but don't want to spend too much money ?
It's hard to find an online shop that sells Michael jackson t-shirt at a low price and save money.

It may be difficult but it's not an impossible mission.

The answer is

This website is a shop specialized in customized T-shirts.
Every week they sell a T-shirt at a promotional price.
And guess ...
yeah, this week, they sell a Michael jackson T-shirt as a T-Shirt of the Week.
14.95$: the Michael jackson T-shirt. I have never saw one at this low price.
It's a t-shirt for adult (I guess the kid one is at the same price).
The design of this tribute T-shirt show the face of Michael Jackson (looks like "bad abum period") with the slogan "thank you for the music".

It's good news but don't waste time: it's just for a few days.

Buy a Michael Jackson T-shirt on

Shirtcity - Design your own shirt!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Create your own customized Michael Jackson T-shirts with Shirtcity (shop)

Customize your Michael Jackson T-shirt

You can buy Michael jackson Tribute T-shirts in several shops.
I try to give you news about the best ones.
But you may want to create your own Michael Jackson T-shirt with your personalized slogan or maybe your personalized design or picture?

You can create your own Michael jackson T-shirt with
This website is the specialized in customized T-shirts.
You can write you personalized slogan on your shirt.
You can also upload your own design, pictures to create your T-shirt.

If you have no idea, they already have some Michael jackson Pictures you can use to customize your apparels.

Shirtcity - Design your own shirt!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Jackson T-shirts (shop)

Michael Jackson t-shirt shop with nice designs

There are many shops where you can buy Michael jackson T-shirts.
I selected the shop "Michael jackson T-shirt" because they have very beautiful designs and you can find many different kinds of products with the Michael Jackson's touch:
T-shirts (for men, women, or kids), mugs, caps, bags, mouse pads, buttons...

You can have a huge choice.
Michael Jackson's fan will be pleased to have beautiful objects or clothes to pay King of Pop a tribute.

Everyday, there are more and more products in the shop.

And you what is your ideal Michael Jackson t-shirt ?

Go on the Michael jackson T-shirt Shop

You can catch a glimpse of this shop here:

Welcome On T-Shirts Michael Jackson

Blog about Michael Jackson T-shirts

If you are a fan of Michael Jackson like me you probably have felt a real loss because of the death of he king of pop.
Maybe you want to pay a tribute with a special T-shirt.

That's why I made this blog to deal with Michael Jackson t-shirts.
I will make a review of the best websites about Michael Jackson ans also show you the best design of t-shirts.
I will give you advice, present the shops ...

Michael jacksons fans are very creative, therefore I will show you the best innovative designs and T-shirts.

Michael Jackson T-shirt